• Hockey's Love Affair with Poker
    By Paul Hewson   Here we are at the start of another NHL season – one of the more anticipated seasons in a while, thanks to some new young players like Connor McDavid, and some new rules like 3-on-3 overtime. The poker community is paying very close attention this year. Daniel Negreanu is on the verge of bringing an NHL team to Las Vegas, and the New Jersey Devils have hired pro player Sunny Mehta to lead their analytics department. Negreanu and Mehta are two rare people who have gotten into hockey through poker. Usually, it's the other way around. Athletes across all sports are drawn to poker, especially tournament poker, but hockey players seem to bring that extra level of competitive... [read-more]
  • Start Dressing Better for the Poker Table
    By Paul Hewson Anytime you watch a big poker event on TV, or any poker event for that matter, you may notice that people generally dress the same. There's the ubiquitous hoodie, often worn with the hood up to help disguise tells. Sunglasses are commonly worn for the same purpose, and scarves have become quite popular in recent years. It's only a matter of time before turtlenecks return to the table. So what should you wear to your next live poker event? That depends in part on the dress code of the establishment you'll be visiting; rules are usually pretty lax, but tank tops and flip-flops might prevent you from getting in the door. Otherwise, your attire should be an extension of your... [read-more]
  • Three Noteworthy Canadian Poker Players
    Canada is home to some of the most fascinating poker celebrities to ever play their way into the high stakes world of professional poker. Here are three of the many noteworthy professional poker players who make us proud to be Canadian.  Daniel Negreanu: Toronto, Ontario The man who needs no introduction, and whose read more...
  • The Weekly $5K PTS Freeroll
    The Weekly $5K PTS Freeroll Get into the game and boost your bankroll with $5,000. Starting on August 10, Bodog is hosting weekly $5K PTS Freerolls, giving you the chance to score some big cash without having to risk a penny. Buy in to this weekly tournament with your Poker Points and you’ll be raking in the dough in no time.  The $5K PTS Freeroll alternates every week between a Turbo format on Thursdays at 9:20 PM ET and a regular format on Saturdays at 2:20 PM ET.  With $5K in guaranteed prizing, that means there is $20,000 up for grabs each and every month at Bodog. Players only need their Poker Points to buy in to the action, meaning you’ve got nothing to lose and a big stack of cash... [read-more]
  • Blog Contest: Win $500 in Tournament Tickets
    Take part in our brand new monthly blog contest to score $500 in tournament tickets. Starting this month, we’ll be posting a blog topic on Facebook and asking our players to write a blog post in response.   Whoever writes the best blog each month will get a tournament ticket prize package worth $501, including eight tournament tickets ranging in value from $11 to $162. On top of that, the winning blog will be posted right here on our official Bodog Poker blog and shared on our social media pages.   The monthly topic and deadline will be announced at the start of every month on the Bodog Poker Canada Facebook page. Players will then have about three weeks to submit their 200+ word blog entry... [read-more]