Sit and Go Strategy: The Early Stages

Sit 'n go strategy

When you’re in the early stages of a sit and go online poker tournament, there are three words you need to keep in mind: tight is right. Online poker is filled with more aggressive players, and sit and go tournaments are no exception. For the maniacs who go all-in early and often knock each other out during the first three blind levels, let them be. In fact, at lower-level sit and go tournaments, it’s not uncommon to find a player within sight of the money without ever making a significant bet thanks to these players.
Even though blinds are relatively low when compared to your chip stack, you should avoid limping in with marginal hands when you’re playing in a sit and go’s early stages. You’re rarely going to hit a flop hard enough to win with these hands, and even if you make two pair while holding J10, you could easily be drawing dead if the board pairs or if a straight or flush draw hits.
What should you do if you do end up with a strong preflop hand? Be aggressive. With blinds as low as they are in the early stages of a sit and go, you’re going to need to raise the big blind five or six times to get any real play.  If you only raise the standard three times, the big blind, you’re much more likely to face down multiple players and thus, the odds of you losing the hand will increase. Remember, unless you’ve got a high pocket pair like AA, KK or QQ preflop, don’t be afraid to fold. It’s better to save your chips for later than to gamble against someone who may well have a strong set when the flop hits.
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