Poker Tournament Strategy: Pacing Yourself in Tournaments

Poker Tournament Strategy

Poker is a game where the play ebbs, flows, and moves among the participants with the occasional spurt and dive thrown in for flavor. You need to keep that in mind when you’re playing in a tournament. Focusing too much on any one hand can leave you losing the war before you even get in the money. Patience wins the day and you want to avoid becoming a statistic when you’re playing in an event.

Yes, you should play aggressively but never too fast, because you will wear yourself out too quickly. Flashy play and pointless hammering on hands that don’t win you very much in the end are not conducive to winning the event. The battles for individual hands don’t matter in terms of a poker tournament; it’s whether or not you end up in the money (or win) that does.

Some have compared hands of poker to individual goals in a basketball game. Bigger pots are akin to two and three point shots while smaller ones amount to free throws. Much like poker, there are individual moments in a basketball game that can be qualified as good or bad, but the end goal is the same: to win the event that you’re participating in. Be patient and pace yourself through the tournament by identifying key times to switch gears and increase your aggressiveness.

Poker tournaments are the bread and butter of many players’ careers and it’s only by learning how to pace yourself that you can succeed reliably in them.

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