• Poker Tournament Strategy
    Poker is a game where the play ebbs, flows, and moves among the participants with the occasional spurt and dive thrown in for flavor. You need to keep that in mind when you’re playing in a tournament. Focusing too much on any one hand can leave you losing the war before you even get in the money. Patience wins the day and you want to avoid becoming a statistic when you’re playing in an event. Yes, you should play aggressively but never too fast, because you will wear yourself out too quickly. Flashy play and pointless hammering on hands that don’t win you very much in the end are not conducive to winning the event. The battles for individual hands don’t matter in... [read-more]
  • Sit 'n go strategy
    When you’re in the early stages of a sit and go online poker tournament, there are three words you need to keep in mind: tight is right. Online poker is filled with more aggressive players, and sit and go tournaments are no exception. For the maniacs who go all-in early and often knock each other out during the first three blind levels, let them be. In fact, at lower-level sit and go tournaments, it’s not uncommon to find a player within sight of the money without ever making a significant bet thanks to these players. Even though blinds are relatively low when compared to your chip stack, you should avoid limping in with marginal hands when you’re playing in a sit and go’s early stages. You... [read-more]
  • Poker Bankroll Management
    One of the single best things any poker player can do to effectively manage their finances at the table is to strictly adhere to a bankroll management policy. Bankroll management occurs when you play at certain limits to avoid losing money due to variance and bad runs on cards. This is frequently referred to as ‘playing within your bankroll’. If you play at limits where you stand a greater chance of losing all your poker funds, you’re ‘playing out of your bankroll’.   Bankroll management helps every player perform better in cash games and tournaments. No matter how good you are, you’re going to experience variance at the table, and cash game players in particular benefit from solid... [read-more]