Bankroll Management In Your Cash Game

Poker Bankroll Management

One of the single best things any poker player can do to effectively manage their finances at the table is to strictly adhere to a bankroll management policy. Bankroll management occurs when you play at certain limits to avoid losing money due to variance and bad runs on cards. This is frequently referred to as ‘playing within your bankroll’. If you play at limits where you stand a greater chance of losing all your poker funds, you’re ‘playing out of your bankroll’.
Bankroll management helps every player perform better in cash games and tournaments. No matter how good you are, you’re going to experience variance at the table, and cash game players in particular benefit from solid bankroll management.
Now, the big question: how much is the right amount for you? If you’re playing pot limit or no limit poker, it’s recommended that your bankroll be at least twenty times the size of the full buy-in of the table you want to play at. If you want to make money playing at a table where the maximum buy-in is $100, then you should have a bankroll of $2,000 or more, ready to back you up. You can also look at this as putting in a maximum of 5% of your bankroll into any given game.
If you’re playing in limit hold ‘em, however, 300 big bets serves as a good minimum for the limit level you wish to play at. Want to play at $1/$2 limit hold ‘em? Better have at least $600 in your bankroll ready to go.
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