• Guidance Counselling for Poker Players
    By Paul Hewson   There are easier ways in the world to make money than playing poker. That's the kind of thing you usually hear from people who have already been successful at day trading or other financial pursuits. But it's true – provided you're willing to apply those poker skills away from the table, in a job where you'll have bigger responsibilities than making sure you don't bet out of turn. If that's the case, and you don't already have a fulfilling day job, you should strongly consider getting one. Poker is a form of investing, and anyone who relies solely on investments faces a risk of ruin, especially if the only game you play is no limit Hold 'em. The trick is to find a job that... [read-more]
  • McKeehen Bosses Final Table, Wins 2015 WSOP Main Event
    By Paul Hewson   Joe McKeehen wasn't supposed to win the Main Event. He may have had the biggest stack by far at this year's November Nine final table, but McKeehen was “only” the +175 favourite to outlast the other eight players and earn that coveted gold bracelet – and the $7.68 million that went with it. Somebody else in the field was more likely to win. So McKeehen started knocking them out. On the second hand of the final table, the Pennsylvania native eliminated Patrick Chan. About three hours later, McKeehen did the same to the other remaining short stack, Federico Butteroni. And he completed the hat trick late in the evening by getting lucky on an all-in versus Pierre Neuville,... [read-more]
  • Mike “Timex” McDonald: The 12 Million Dollar Man
    About five years ago, Mike McDonald decided to retire from poker. The man they call “Timex” was only 20 years old, but he had already won the 2008 EPT Main Event in Dortmund for a cool $1.3 million, along with several six-figure paydays. McDonald was thinking about going back to school at the University of Waterloo, and maybe pursuing some business interests. His retirement didn't last very long. McDonald was right back on the circuit in no time, and it's hard to argue with that decision. Timex passed the $10-million mark in live earnings last year, and after a successful showing at this year's EPT opener in Barcelona, McDonald is up to $11.9 million lifetime, third among Canadians behind... [read-more]
  • Five Things You Need to Host a Poker Game
    By Paul Hewson   Poker is a lot of fun, but hosting a poker game is serious business. Even if you and all your buddies know poker inside and out, it still takes organization, planning and effort to make sure the game goes off without a hitch. A series of financial transactions are taking place, even if there's beer in the fridge. By hosting the game, not only are you in charge of the chips and dip, you are the treasurer for the night as well. Still willing to take the plunge? Excellent. You're going to need some things, though. Here are the first five items on your shopping list.  A Poker Table (or Two) It's probably best to start with six to eight players for your first game, but if... [read-more]
  • Top Five Playing Card Decks – According to Magicians
    By Paul Hewson Modiano has been making playing cards since 1884, but the Italian company made some rookie mistakes at the 2015 World Series of Poker. This was Modiano's first WSOP since taking over from Bicycle, and the first batch of cards to hit the tables was met with disapproval – some found the cards too thin and too easily marked, others found that the clubs looked too much like spades. Corrections were made and new cards were sent out, but the company’s reputation took a hit. Modiano does make some high-quality cards, so sales could climb once the WSOP starts generating some more positive reviews. In the meantime, Bicycle remains the most popular card brand, at least according to... [read-more]