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  • It’s been a while since we had a really good poker movie. Fingers crossed: The people behind Molly’s Game recently finished filming in and around the Toronto area, with the movie expected to hit North American screens sometime in 2017. They’ve brought out the big guns, too. Jessica Chastain will play the lead role, alongside the likes of Idris Elba, Kevin Costner, and Brampton’s own Michael Cera. There’s been a fair amount of buzz around this project since Aaron Sorkin was named the director last  January. This was Sorkin’s first crack at directing; he also wrote the screenplay, adapted from Molly Bloom’s memoir of the same name. Let’s hope things go well in post-production, because the... [read-more]
  • Is Libratus a Calling Station - Bodog Poker Blog
    By: Paul Hewson   Our dystopian nightmare has finally arrived: The computers have beaten the humans at no-limit Hold’em. The “Brains vs. AI” challenge at Rivers Casino in Pittsburgh has come to a merciful end, with the Carnegie Mellon University poker bot known as Libratus (Latin for “balanced”) beating four professional players for the equivalent of nearly 15 big blinds per 100 hands, which is insane. For the folks at Carnegie Mellon, this is a major step forward in artificial intelligence. But their goal isn’t to felt everyone in sight; this technology is for “real-world” applications, like figuring out the economy. Meanwhile, the rest of us are trying to figure out what Libratus has... [read-more]
  • Poker and MMA Make Strange Bedfellows - Bodog Poker Blog
    By: Paul Hewson   Terrence Chan is one of the better poker players ever to come out of Hong Kong. Now based in Vancouver, Chan has over $1.2 million in tournament earnings to his name, including four cashes at the 2016 World Series of Poker. Oh, and he’s 3-1 lifetime in mixed martial arts. Officially, Chan is listed at 3-0, but he lost via decision in the first round of a WMMAA (World Mixed Martial Arts Association) tournament back in November. Chan isn’t the only poker player to enter the cage. Last April, Olivier Busquet pummelled JC Alvarado at the Syndicate MMA gym in Las Vegas, winning a six-figure prop bet for his efforts. MMA fighters love crossing over to the felt, too – remember... [read-more]
  • By: Paul Hewson   Canada has long been a source of quality players for tournament poker. Names like Daniel Negreanu, Jonathan Duhamel and Mike “Timex” McDonald roll off the tongue. But none of these players can hold a candle to Alan Ari Engel right now. He was the top Canadian on the 2016 Global Poker Index and has shown no sign of slowing down yet. He’s No. 1 on this year’s leaderboard at press time, well ahead of Sam Greenwood, Mike Leah, and Sam Chartier. It’s still going to be difficult for Engel to match last year’s performance. After winning the main event at the 2016 Aussie Millions, the Toronto native crashed out on Day 2 of this year’s tournament – as did Greenwood, along with... [read-more]
  • Omaha and Omaha Hi/Lo: The Future Is Now - Bodog Poker Blog
    By: Paul Hewson   Like any other sport, poker is all about making adjustments. Sharp players change their strategies to get the most value out of their opponents. The games themselves change, too. Poker used to be played with 20 cards; now it’s 52. Draw and stud poker used to be the norm; now it’s Texas Hold’em, which first popped up in the 1920s. Texas Hold’em’s popularity will change, too. As people (and computers) get better and better at Hold’em, the need for more difficult games to play increases. That’s where Omaha comes in. It’s got the same rules and structure as Hold’em, but everyone gets dealt four hole cards instead of two. That’s like being dealt six starting hands in Hold’em... [read-more]