Top Five Poker Stares

Top Five Poker Stares

By Paul Hewson
While Joe McKeehen was busy winning the World Series of Poker Main Event last month, the commentators had lots to say about the way McKeehen was staring down his opponents. People seemed a bit intimidated by the man they call “ Joey Ice Cube.” Personally, I found McKeehen's stare somewhat amusing. I don't mean to brag – there are players out there who would freak me out if I had to look them in the eye – but McKeehen seemed like a nice guy to me. His stares appeared to be more inquisitive than intimidating.

That's not the case for the five players on this list. If you ever have to play a hand against any of them, you might want to pull the drawstrings on your hoodie and do your best impersonation of a turtle.

Mike McDonald

Easily the most famous stare in the business. It's a premeditated stare; McDonald slows himself down, gathers his focus, then hits you with the Blue Steel. What he's trying to do for the most part is get a read on you. You can almost see the progress bar above his head read “Scanning.”
Phil Ivey

Ivey's stare is really just a slightly amped-up version of his usual look, which is intimidating enough. There's clearly a high level of intelligence and testosterone going on in there. It helps when everyone calls you the best poker player alive. Don't be scurrred. It's just poker.
Liv Boeree

No one can destroy the metal. Boeree is like the female version of Ivey; she's got all the natural power in the world, and she's obviously not someone who suffers fools gladly. Consider putting her on tilt instead, if you dare. Tell her you think Burning Man is silly.
Jorryt van Hoof

Van Hoof was bossing the final table at the World Series of Poker Main Event in 2014. That was on the first day; on the second, van Hoof was put at a different seat, and he found the TV lights too bright, so he put on his sunglasses. It was all downhill from there. Never give up on a gimmick while it's hot.
Tom Dwan
I've included Dwan on this list mainly so we can show this photo of him with a flamingo on his head. He does have an intense look about him, though. Maybe a couple beers would help.

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