Poker-Inspired Halloween Costume Ideas

Poker-Inspired Halloween Costume Ideas

Paul Hewson
Poker players – especially the big winners – are some of the most interesting people you'll ever meet. Many of them are introverts, rarely leaving the warm glow of their computer screens. Others are extremely outgoing, even flamboyant. Go to any live poker tournament, and you're likely to see some bold fashion choices bobbing around that sea of hoodies.

Things get even more interesting when prop bets and television are involved. Many top players have appeared on TV wearing the strangest things – often because they've lost a prop bet to their poker buddies. Looking for some last-minute Halloween costume ideas? Here are three examples of how you can stand out from the crowd, as provided by some of the biggest names in poker.

The Joker (as played by Bertrand Grospellier)

The man they call ElkY made a big splash at Day 1B of the 2008 APPT tourney in Macau. This is one of the easier costumes to throw together – provided you're willing to dye your hair green. If you have a purple suit and a green shirt to match your hair, that's a plus, but you can get away with wearing a lot of black and focusing on the make-up. Heath Ledger simplified things for you in The Dark Knight (2008) by making it all smudgy and easy to replicate. Definitely easier than what the Red Hood had to go through.

General George S. Patton (as played by Phil Hellmuth)

Of all the costumes that Hellmuth has worn to big events like the World Series of Poker, this should be the simplest to pull off. Assuming you don't have the time or the means to order the costume online, military surplus stores are everywhere; you may not be an exact double for George C. Scott, but you can get close enough with something more generic. Focus on the classic green helmet, the brown boots, and the riding crop. The more medals, the better.

A Bunny (as played by Kara Scott)

Everybody loves bunnies. Back in 2008, Scott put on a fuzzy pink suit for TV after losing a prop bet at the EPT stop in Sanremo. If they're not already sold out, you can find these costumes at the local party store. Otherwise, you can make your own at home if you have a sewing machine. Do people have sewing machines anymore? Tip for the guys: for extra cool factor, go for a mask instead of make-up if you're going to wear this costume. And if you're at a party, don't be afraid to “ghost” if you get overheated.

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