GPI Player of the Year Race in Overdrive
By Paul Hewson   How do you decide who the best poker player in the world is? Since 2011, the Global Poker Index has been tracking tournament results and crowning its Player of the Year. Tournaments aren't the be-all and end-all of poker, but they are the most competitive form of the game – and therefore ideal for a Player of the Year competition. Since its inception, the GPI... [read-more]
Bodog’s Definitive Guide to a Poker-Friendly Valentine’s Day
Valentine’s Day is around the corner and, to hell with it, you’ve decided to dispense with the candy grams and Hallmark-inspired preciousness; you know it’s all a big, fat marketing ploy anyway—designed to rob you and your significant other of your wits and wallets. No way, Hallmark is not getting your money, not this year. You know it, your friends know it, but does “bae” know what’s in the cards this V-day?  Poker. Forget the flowers and chocolate, it’s all about check raises and bluffs as we give you the lowdown on getting royally flushed with your poker-playing paramour, your very own Poker Fanatic (PF), on Valentine’s Day.   This is Bodog’s definitive guide to going all in and getting... [read-more]
The Next Poker Movie - by Alexander Wylie
It's pitch black. The screen fades in, showing a pair of Aces on a grimy floor and a small trickle of blood snaking between the two cards as the screen slowly fades to black before the title appears, dealt letter by letter like playing cards. “Hold'em”: starring Bryan Cranston, who’s famous for his portrayal of Walter White in Breaking Bad, as Frank: a felon serving life in prison for a murder he did not commit.   Frank doesn’t live in ordinary times. Ten years from now the prisons are packed. Hard earned taxpayer dollars are being spent to keep the sludge of society living in comfort behind bars, and the country needs a solution. The National Hold'em Tournament is introduced, and this... [read-more]
My trip with Daniel - by Alexander Wylie
Just remember, it's not what you look at that matters. Those were the first words Daniel Negreanu spoke to me inside at the 45th Annual World Series of Poker back in June. We ran into each other at the airport the day before, both on our way to hopefully strike it big at the tables. Truth be told, I ran into him. We hit it off and flew in together. One moment on the flight that really stood out to me afterwards was when the stewardess asked us if we wanted drinks. "I'm alright, but my friend here would like a scotch on the rocks."  He turned to me, smiled, and asked me if that was right. It was. I rarely drink, but when I do, nothing beats a scotch on the rocks.  We met up the next day... [read-more]
The Dynamic Dealer Casino is all about the customer! Now is the perfect time to visit our poker room, which houses friendly and professional staff, a world-class chef to prepare gourmet meals from around the globe, and masterly crafted tables! Each of these elegant tables is equipped with a pair of noise cancelling headphones. Players can choose to listen to music while they play with an endless library of selections ranging from classical music to today’s radio hits.  Whether you choose to listen to music or not, you’ll also have the ability to use our state of the art InstaStat Viewer technology. Located inside a hideaway drawer, players have access to a touch keyboard and a pair of ISV... [read-more]
Blog Contest: Win $500 in Tournament Tickets
Take part in our brand new monthly blog contest to score $500 in tournament tickets. Starting this month, we’ll be posting a blog topic on Facebook and asking our players to write a blog post in response.   Whoever writes the best blog each month will get a tournament ticket prize package worth $501, including eight tournament tickets ranging in value from $11 to $162. On top of that, the winning blog will be posted right here on our official Bodog Poker blog and shared on our social media pages.   The monthly topic and deadline will be announced at the start of every month on the Bodog Poker Canada Facebook page. Players will then have about three weeks to submit their 200+ word blog entry... [read-more]