GPI Player of the Year Race in Overdrive
By Paul Hewson   How do you decide who the best poker player in the world is? Since 2011, the Global Poker Index has been tracking tournament results and crowning its Player of the Year. Tournaments aren't the be-all and end-all of poker, but they are the most competitive form of the game – and therefore ideal for a Player of the Year competition. Since its inception, the GPI... [read-more]
Top Five Playing Card Decks – According to Magicians
By Paul Hewson Modiano has been making playing cards since 1884, but the Italian company made some rookie mistakes at the 2015 World Series of Poker. This was Modiano's first WSOP since taking over from Bicycle, and the first batch of cards to hit the tables was met with disapproval – some found the cards too thin and too easily marked, others found that the clubs looked too much like spades. Corrections were made and new cards were sent out, but the company’s reputation took a hit. Modiano does make some high-quality cards, so sales could climb once the WSOP starts generating some more positive reviews. In the meantime, Bicycle remains the most popular card brand, at least according to... [read-more]
Start Dressing Better for the Poker Table
By Paul Hewson Anytime you watch a big poker event on TV, or any poker event for that matter, you may notice that people generally dress the same. There's the ubiquitous hoodie, often worn with the hood up to help disguise tells. Sunglasses are commonly worn for the same purpose, and scarves have become quite popular in recent years. It's only a matter of time before turtlenecks return to the table. So what should you wear to your next live poker event? That depends in part on the dress code of the establishment you'll be visiting; rules are usually pretty lax, but tank tops and flip-flops might prevent you from getting in the door. Otherwise, your attire should be an extension of your... [read-more]
Three Noteworthy Canadian Poker Players
Canada is home to some of the most fascinating poker celebrities to ever play their way into the high stakes world of professional poker. Here are three of the many noteworthy professional poker players who make us proud to be Canadian.  Daniel Negreanu: Toronto, Ontario The man who needs no introduction, and whose read more...
Crazy Poker Table Action - by Alexander Wylie
I was there the day the fish in the barrel shot back. It was a cold October afternoon, and I was playing 200NL at a local casino. I was up a hundred bucks and considering leaving when someone joined the table. I was glad I stayed. He sat down with a full stack, posted his big blind, and waited.   The hand was dealt, and the first to act under the gun raised three times the blinds to $6, which was followed by three folds. The player behind hijack, who was incredibly tight, raised to $18. Hijack folded and the action was on me. I looked down to find pocket Kings and called. The button and the small blind folded. The big blind immediately put his entire stack in the middle.   "I'm all in," he... [read-more]
My Year Off Thanks to Bodog - by Harrison Ayling
Thanks to Bodog I find myself sitting at the Halifax Stanfield International Airport, waiting eagerly for my flight to Toronto. I’m on my way to witness firsthand the Toronto Raptors’ tremendous season campaigned by their “We, The North” slogan. I plan on joining the outgoing and energetic fans of the Air Canada centre as they rally around the team. The crowd is often entertained by Drake, Canada’s biggest rap icon.   Hoping to continue the trend of winning, I will head to “The Entertainment Capital of the World,” as Las Vegas likes to call itself. I will be testing my skills, but more importantly my luck at cashing in against the best amateur and pro poker players in the world. With my... [read-more]