My Year Off Thanks to Bodog - by Harrison Ayling

My Year Off Thanks to Bodog - by Harrison Ayling

Thanks to Bodog I find myself sitting at the Halifax Stanfield International Airport, waiting eagerly for my flight to Toronto. I’m on my way to witness firsthand the Toronto Raptors’ tremendous season campaigned by their “We, The North” slogan. I plan on joining the outgoing and energetic fans of the Air Canada centre as they rally around the team. The crowd is often entertained by Drake, Canada’s biggest rap icon.

Hoping to continue the trend of winning, I will head to “The Entertainment Capital of the World,” as Las Vegas likes to call itself. I will be testing my skills, but more importantly my luck at cashing in against the best amateur and pro poker players in the world. With my first class experience from playing poker on Bodog, I intend on cashing out big.

With my winnings, I’ll fly my friends from back home in Nova Scotia, where it will likely be snowy, to the sunshine state of Florida. What could possibly be better than relaxing on the beaches of Southern Florida with your best friends, drinking a cold one and watching some incredibly beautiful women play beach volleyball?

Unfortunately we can’t spend forever in the sunshine state, or else we would be too crispy to maneuver our way from the silky sand all the way to “Steel City” Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. All of the boys have been waiting a long time to visit Pittsburgh. It’s the home of the Penguins and our hometown hero Sidney Crosby. Hopefully my luck will continue because the Penguins will be taking on Toronto Maple Leafs, who many love but others also love to see lose. The sold out arena will be chanting for our hometown hero, and watching the Leafs blow the lead would make for unforgettable memories.

This is a glimpse of my luxurious 365 day vacation. I’d travel the world to watch the best athletes compete in their respective sports and relax on the beach with the greatest people in my life, my friends.

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