GPI Player of the Year Race in Overdrive
By Paul Hewson   How do you decide who the best poker player in the world is? Since 2011, the Global Poker Index has been tracking tournament results and crowning its Player of the Year. Tournaments aren't the be-all and end-all of poker, but they are the most competitive form of the game – and therefore ideal for a Player of the Year competition. Since its inception, the GPI... [read-more]
Top Five Poker Stares
By Paul Hewson   While Joe McKeehen was busy winning the World Series of Poker Main Event last month, the commentators had lots to say about the way McKeehen was staring down his opponents. People seemed a bit intimidated by the man they call “ Joey Ice Cube.” Personally, I found McKeehen's stare somewhat amusing. I don't mean to brag – there are players out there who would freak me out if I had to look them in the eye – but McKeehen seemed like a nice guy to me. His stares appeared to be more inquisitive than intimidating. That's not the case for the five players on this list. If you ever have to play a hand against any of them, you might... [read-more]
Guidance Counselling for Poker Players
By Paul Hewson   There are easier ways in the world to make money than playing poker. That's the kind of thing you usually hear from people who have already been successful at day trading or other financial pursuits. But it's true – provided you're willing to apply those poker skills away from the table, in a job where you'll have bigger responsibilities than making sure you don't bet out of turn. If that's the case, and you don't already have a fulfilling day job, you should strongly consider getting one. Poker is a form of investing, and anyone who relies solely on investments faces a risk of ruin, especially if the only game you play is no limit Hold 'em. The trick is to find a job that... [read-more]
By Paul Hewson   It's been said that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. This piece of wisdom can be traced back to the English author Charles Caleb Colton – who, as it turned out, was an avid gambler. Colton kept a residence in Paris and frequented the Palais Royale, where he was said to have earned a small fortune – before losing it all and spending his last years supported by his family. If Joe McKeehen ends up squandering the fortune he just made at the World Series of Poker, he's got his family to fall back on, too. That's about where the similarities end between McKeehen and Colton. While Colton was something of a bon vivant, with a nasty habit of leaving his creditors high... [read-more]
McKeehen Bosses Final Table, Wins 2015 WSOP Main Event
By Paul Hewson   Joe McKeehen wasn't supposed to win the Main Event. He may have had the biggest stack by far at this year's November Nine final table, but McKeehen was “only” the +175 favourite to outlast the other eight players and earn that coveted gold bracelet – and the $7.68 million that went with it. Somebody else in the field was more likely to win. So McKeehen started knocking them out. On the second hand of the final table, the Pennsylvania native eliminated Patrick Chan. About three hours later, McKeehen did the same to the other remaining short stack, Federico Butteroni. And he completed the hat trick late in the evening by getting lucky on an all-in versus Pierre Neuville,... [read-more]
Meet the November Nine
By Paul Hewson   Are we about to witness another WSOP-inspired poker boom? This year's “November Nine” final table at the Main Event features players from four countries, ranging in age from 23 to 72. No women again this year, sadly, and no Daniel Negreanu; he busted out in 11th place. But there are enough personalities at this final table to give every poker fan a reason to tune in Sunday night (8:30 PM ET, ESPN) when the cards start flying. Here's a quick look at this year's November Nine, listed in order of seat number, with their chip counts (M = 1 million) and their odds at press time to win the Main Event.  1. Ofer Zvi Stern (29.8M; +450) Stern is the second Israeli player to make... [read-more]