The Dynamic Dealer Casino - by Doug Martin

The Dynamic Dealer Casino is all about the customer! Now is the perfect time to visit our poker room, which houses friendly and professional staff, a world-class chef to prepare gourmet meals from around the globe, and masterly crafted tables!

Each of these elegant tables is equipped with a pair of noise cancelling headphones. Players can choose to listen to music while they play with an endless library of selections ranging from classical music to today’s radio hits. 

Whether you choose to listen to music or not, you’ll also have the ability to use our state of the art InstaStat Viewer technology. Located inside a hideaway drawer, players have access to a touch keyboard and a pair of ISV glasses. The lenses can be completely translucent or entirely tinted and are capable of displaying previous hands, recorded notes, and statistics gathered throughout an individual’s entire time sitting. Enjoy studying your opponent’s moves, writing them down, and having it displayed all at the same time!

Imagine being low on chips in a large tournament. You are studying your opponent, who also has a low stack. The table chip count and a clock signifying when the blinds will increase are on display in the corner of your eye. You see that the blinds are increasing momentarily. Having written down that this opponent is weaker than the others, you shove with nothing, and your opponent folds, only to hear that the blinds are going up as you are given the Big Blind chip. Elimination shortly averted. 

The ISV system may not be suitable for every player, but here at The Dynamic Dealer, we believe in staying innovative for the player’s sake. The ISV system is capable of helping players keep track of notes in real-time, which avoids having to try and remember specific strategies from specific hands during a few hours of playing. It could be the difference in being tired and forgetting how an opponent plays and being able to read up and make the correct play against each opponent.

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